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Liberia 1894

Font Size: 30Pt.




 Total Number of Symbols this Font contains: 165 (+165)

 The End of King Njoya and the Bamum Script:

After the perfection of his syllabary, Njoya set up a series of schools or "Book Houses" throughout his kingdom, at which hundrets of his subjects learned to read and write. Among other work, Njoya compiled a volume on the history and customs of his kingdom, a book of rules for conduct on his court, a pharmacopeia and a collection of aps of his doamains. After the First World War, Njoya's schools were closed by the colonial authorities, and in frustration he afterwards destroyed a unique system of printing. Njoya was deposed in 1931 and exiled to Yaounde, where he died two years later.

Source: Africa and the Written Word. Centre Culturel Français. Paris 1986