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Pan-African Arial Style

 Font History/ Document.
This font-set contains Geneva- and Times Style as well





 Total Number of Letters this Font contains: 234

 UNESCO, having taken a major interest in the adaption of the Roman alphabet to the African languages since the 1960's organised an international meeting on the transcription and harmonisation of African languages at Nyamey in 1978. One of the results was the establishment of an "African Reference Alphabet", following the "Africa script" in its preference for new letters.Since the roman alphabet lacks sufficient charakters to transcribe many languages, the most radical solution would be to add new ones.
The Set "Modern Pan African" includes not only the "African Reference Alphabet" but various examples of "National" African alphabets as well. Unlike most other linguistic software it offers various styles of each font (Times, Arial and Geneva) for a professional and stylish layout of your document. Furthermore, there is no need to change between "African" and "Western" fonts, because "useless" charakters were consequently replaced with African charakters.