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Font Size: 30Pt.




 Total Number of Symbols this Font contains: 88 (+88)

 Nsibidi Symbols of Nigeria:

A complex system of pictograms and ideograms, known as Nsibidi (or Nsiberi) has been used traditionally in the cross river area of Nigeria, especially among the Ekoi, Igbo and Ibibio. Assosiated particularly with the male Ekge (or Egbo) society, most of the usages of Nsibidi are kept closely guarded secrets by society members. The system is known to have many usages, however, ranging from warfare to magic, and includes the use of symbols in combination to record narratives, such as the evidence recorded in continous love-affairs or "woman-palaver". Nsibidi symbols may be carved on calabashes, etc., painted on walls, printed on cloth, or tatooed or paited on the human body.

Source: Africa and the Written Word. Centre Culturel Français. Paris 1986