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Vai 1/2

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Font Size: 30 Pt.




 Total Number of Symbols this Font contains: 192 (+192)

 The Mandé Syllabaries

There is clearly some relationship among them: all were revealed in a dream or vision, or during "nocturnal mediation"; all are syllabaries, representing early syllable (consonant+vovel) with a seperate character, all ­ exept Kpelle ­ have the same style of character, of which a few share siilar forms and values; all­ exept Mende ­ are written from left to right; several, perhaps all have a fixed order of recitation. Each has been used primarly for correspondence and records (e.g. trading accounts), but the oldest, Vai, has been used also for translation from the Bible and Koran.

Source: Africa and the Written Word. Centre Culturel Français. Paris 1986