Beate our rhythm guitarist will have a baby!!

So we are looking for a new guitarist for Cd-production and concerts at home & abroad.
You should posess a solid technic, be reliable & be dedicated to music!!
Up to now our rehearsal room is situated in Laa/Thaya (Nö).

Feel free to contact us @firestorm@aon.at or just call 0699/12336105!!



: Bad news folks: Martin our drummer has left the band!!!
Due to other jobs & obligations he won't have enough time for FIRESTORM in future.

We are looking for a new drummer, who loves and adores music like we do!!
We don't care, if you are a talented beginner or an absolute professional!!!
Up to now we have released 4 cds. Number 5 is in progress and will be recorded as soon as the line up is complete.
We usually play 20 to 30 gigs per year, both on small and on huge stages and festivals.

Feel free to contact us @ firestorm@aon.at or just call 0699/12336105!!

2007-01-01: New review online @rockeyez.com here!!

Next event:

Benefit Concert for the

Sa, 24th of February 2007, Szene Wien
(Vienna) with SEQUOIA DENDRON feat. Victor Smolski and Peavy Wagner from RAGE,
Sonja Kraushofer from L´ÂME IMMORTELLE, David Stawa from FIRESTORM, Suzy Q from HALLOWS END

Order your reduced ticket @firestorm@aon.at or by calling 0699/123 36 105!

Don't miss that evening!!


2006-12-24: HEAVY X-MAS & all the best for 2007 to all of you!!

New review online @amboss-mag.de here!!

: Download the full version of 'DOWN' from our latest EP 'The Outsiders' at the Download-Section!!

Next gig:

2006-10-16: Thanx a million to everyone who celebrated the PLANET METAL PARTY with us.
It was a real pleasure to play for you!!
livereview @concerts4u here @adl.at here @metalfanatics.net here, @nocturnalhall.com here, livepictures @peteionian.com here @planet.tt here

2006-10-15: Next gig: Don't forget to secure your ticket for the Metal Party of the Year 2006:

19th of October 2006 '5 JAHRE PLANET METAL' Planet Music (Vienna)
- Party Folk Metal from Finland, FIRESTORM- Shockrock & Brewtality - Oldschool - Rock at it's best

Order your reduced ticket at: firestorm@aon.at or by calling: 0699/12336105!!

We're looking forward to celebrating this special evening with you!!


Next gig: 12th of October, "48 Carat Darkness Tour"
in Vienna, Szene, starting: 8pm!! Be there!!!


2006-09-09: Visit our first fanpage www.firestorm.mysteria.cz in Czech language created by Carlie from metalforever.info!

2006-09-07: !BREAKING NEWS!

FIRESTORM will open the show for DEATHSTARS & STONEMAN on the 12th of October at Szene (Vienna) again!!

2006-08-29: Brandnew 'Outsiders' review in Italian language @shapeless.it here
Interview & Greatest Hits review in Czech language @metalforever.info!!

@heavy.at here !

'Outsiders' reviews @fritz.salzburg.com here @planet.tt here @adl.at here @ecorder.at here @vodafone musiczone here
@ metalfanatics.net here @myrevelations.de here @heavy.at here@earshot.at here and @ muzikquest.de here

Iron Maiden Fans watch out!
23rd of August 2006, Pre-Release Party
for "A Matter Of Live And Death"@ Planet Music
more infos@ www.maidenaustria.at

2006-08-01: Next gig: 19th of August 2006, THE WILD EAGLES present MONSTERS OF ROCK
Hausleiten (NÖ), Sportplatz with EASY DIZZY (AC DC Coverband) and WILD AT HEART

Check out the 'Outsiders' review in the new Metal Hammer 08/06 (german issue)!!

Review of Basinfirefest 2006 in Czech language and pictures
@metalforever.info here
and @fobiazine.net here!

Next gig: 30th of June 2006, BASINFIREFEST, Spálené Porící Plzen (CZ) with Clawfinger, Holy Moses, Arakain,
Hunter, Second End, Daimonion and many more! More infos here!

2006-06-06: Our new EP 'The Outsiders' is out now!! To download sneak samples of the EP just move to the download-section here!

Read the exclusive interview done by our crewman Iron-Alf @iron-alf.at here!!

To order the EP just write an email to firestorm@aon.at and get it for only € 5.- (+ postage)!!


Next gig: 4th of June 2006 with Daimonion, Wirebrush and Mata Hari, Prague (CZ), Vagon, starting: 20.00!!


2006-05-21: We've just received the amazing message that we will have the honour to open the show for

and DEFY at Rockhouse Salzburg on the 1st of June 2006 starting: 20.30

2006-04-16: Next gig: 30th of April 2006 with Deja Vu and Seasons in Black, Straubing (GER), Woodstock Rockdisco!!

Updated the livesection .... see you on tour!!

We have decided to record a 3-track EP to bridge over the time until the release of the full length album.
The songtitles are: 'The Outsiders' - 'Down' - 'My hate keeps me alive'. So watch out and keep checking the news-section!!

Hellyeah, welcome in 2006! Hope you enjoyed the holidays and you're prepared for a Heavy New Year!!
We are currently working on new songs
for our new record and on our new studio. We will start the recording sessions
as soon as the studio is ready to enter.

2005-12-18: Updated the link- and livesection!

2005-12-04: Our mainurl: www.thefirestorm.com is working again. Thanks for your patience!!

Due to technical troubles our homepage is temporary reachlable only through this url: http://members.aon.at/firestorm.
We're working on that problem. The mainurl: www.thefirestorm.com should work shortly. Thanx for your appreciation!!

2005-11-16: Next gig: Sa, 19th of November 2005: REQUIEM TO THE CLAN
Graz (Stmk), Explosiv
with Autumn Clan, Perishing Mankind, Phantasmagoria, starting: 20.00
The show is completely sold out! There are no tickets left!!

AUTUMN CLAN will play their very last show at this evening. We're very sorry, that they will split up.
They will leave a big fat hole in the Austrian Metalscene!! Thanx for your great music!!

Fr, 21st of October, Soundpower Openair in Pulkau (Nö) livepictures @spassminster here!!
Updated the livepicture-section!! Check it out here!

Pulkau (NÖ), Parkbühne, ADMISSION FREE!!
Fr, 21st of October 2005 with FIRESTORM, Dark Deception, Intoxication
Sa, 22nd of October 2005 with Insanity, Psychospank
more infos here!!

2005-10-10: 1st of October,"We will shock you" in Kaldorf (GER) livereview @spl-musik.de here & livepictures here!
Next gigs:
Sa, 15th of October 2005: OUTSIDER ROCK Deggendorf (GER), Outsider Halle
with AC DC Coverband Fusebox, Sengaya, entry: 19:00, starting: 20:00!!

2005-10-03: Sa, 8th of October 2005: ASPHYXIA & FRIENDS Vienna, Planet Music
with Asphyxia, Lords of Decadence, Final Aphorism, starting: 20:00, more infos here!

We're looking forward to celebrate a huge Metal party with you
with a lot of brandnew FIRESTORM songs!!
Be there!!
Reduced tickets at: firestorm@aon.at or 0699/123 36 105!!

2005-09-26: 24th of September, Hell's Gate, Lanzenkirchen (Nö), gigdiary and pictures by Alf Golluich here!! Check it out!!
Next gig:
Sa, 1st of October 2005: WE WILL SHOCK YOU Kaldorf (GER), Nieberlersaal
with Octain, Symbolic, Sengaya, starting: 21:00, more infos: here!!

2005-07-31: Next gig: Sa, 6th of August 2005: OPEN AIR ROCK FESTIVAL, Groß Gerungs (NÖ), Gasthaus zum Haider
with Gallery of Sound, (Melodic Prog-Metal), Hellexperience (Metal), Granitarium (Dialektrock),
Hans Schrammel Blues Experience (Blues), 1/2 Pint (Punk) starting: 18:00, admission free!!!

2005-07-24: Next gig: Sa, 30th of July 2005 : PINKOFEN ROCKS 2005, Pinkofen (GER)
with Skyfall, Hokum, One more Day, Octain, starting: 19:00, more infos: here!!

2005-06-25: Hi folks, we're looking forward to celebrating our 100th gig with you on
Sa, 23rd of July 2005 @ the FIRST ATTACK FESTIVAL, Deggendorf (GER), Sportflugplatz Stauffendorf,
with Onkel Tom, Kiss Forever Band, Gun Barrel, Fuckin' Faces, Sonne Ost, Speichelbroiss, Sonopack, El KMino, Raidshelter
starting: 12:00, more infos: here!! It's gonna be a huge Metal Party!! Be there!!

11th of June,"Time Bands Cup" in Prague (CZ) livepictures @timebands.com here!
4th of June,"Ram Three Festival" in Steyr (OÖ) livepictures @ram-festivals.at here!

2005-06-05: Next gig: Sa, 11th of June 2005
We're special guests at the TIME BANDS CUP in Prague (CZ), Abaton (NA KOŠINCE 10, PRAGUE 8 - LIBEN)
check out more infos: here!!

2005-20-05: Next gig: 4th of June 2005 : RAM THREE FESTIVAL, Steyr-Wehrgraben (OÖ), Röda
with Stoned Ponys, Wydfara's Prophecy, Mandatory, The Blaze , starting: 20:30, more infos: here!!

2005-05-18: Fr, 3rd of June 2005: 'BACK IN TIME' a tribute to RAGE Cd Releaseparty

Planet Music (Vienna) entry: 8pm, starting: 8.30pm

Expect a videoshow, a pyroshow by METAL FX EUROPE and a liveperformance of RAGE coversongs performed by

SEQUOIA DENDRON and guestmusicans of bands like MADOG, VIVIAN and of course FIRESTORM!!!

We will be featured with the RAGE-tune 'Solitary Man' on this album. To download a sneak preview of the song, just right-click here.

Get your reduced ticket for € 6.-at 0699/123 36 105 or firestorm@aon.at !!

For more information on this upcoming release shove your nose here and stay tuned!

Due to schedule troubles we had to cancel our gig at the Kaltenbach Openair in Spital/Semmering on 15th/16th of July!!

2005-04-25: Check out the first Austrian Iron Maiden Fanbase ever:

You'll find information about Austrian collectors, Austrian Maiden-activities, basic information about Iron Maiden,
and some nice downloads. For more infos feel free to contact: alf@maidenaustria.at!!

2005-04-11: 8th of April, Support for JUDAS PRIEST, live review & livepictures @www.drunkenangels.at/alf here!

2005-04-06: gig schedule updated!!

2005-04-01: On Friday the 8th of April 2005 we will open the show for


Bank Austria Halle-Gasometer, Vienna, entry: 8pm!!

We will warm up for that supportgig on
Sa, 2nd of April 2005 at 'SHOCK YOUR EARS' in Laa/Thaya (NÖ), Proberaumkeller/Kellerhügel,
with & INSANITY & MIDGARD.upgraded entry: 20:00, starting: 21:00, admission fee: € 5.-!

Expect a bunch of brandnew Firestorm songs!!

Brandnew interview @www.drunkenangels.at/alf !! Check it out here!!

2005-03-06: Don't miss this event:

Fr, 11th of March: GRAVE DIGGER, local support BASEMENT and VAL SANS
Planet Music (Vienna) starting: 20:00, tickets at www.noise-factor.at, www.basement.at.tf, www.valsans.com, www.planet.tt!
more infos here!

Be there!!

2005-02-09: 22nd of January,"Crack up 6 Festival" livereview @earshot.at here!

2005-01-26: 22nd of January,"Crack up 6 Festival" livepictures @crackup.at.tt here!

2005-01-19: Another black day for the whole metal-scene:

We are very sad to receive the message, that Andy 'Henner' Allendoerfer - singer of
the german band SQUEALER and label-boss of AFM-Records - died last Sunday in a tragical
car-accident. The short time we learned to know him, it was not hard to find out, that
he was a musician from the heart and a very nice person with a big sense of humour!
Our sympathy is with his family, close friends, band- and labelmates!
Why always the good die young?

Next gig: 22nd of January 2005 : CRACK UP 6 FESTIVAL, Bodensdorf near Wieselburg (NÖ),
Ballonwirt Aigner, with Midgard, Increpo, Facial Climax, Lords of Purity starting: 19:00, entry: € 6.-, for the first 20 visitors: € 3.-!!
more infos: here!!

2005-01-12: Hellyeah, welcome in 2005! FIRESTORM will be featured with the RAGE-tune 'Solitary man' on the forthcoming
RAGE tribute album 'BACK IN TIME'. To download a sneak preview of the song, just right-click here and choose
'save as' or move to our download-section! For more information on this upcoming release shove your nose here and stay tuned!