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Omnia Heraldik GmbHiL - Heraldik & Herrenstil

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The operation is canceled. Charles Austen is looking for a successor.

Bel.jpg (4311 Byte) is the famous studio for men´s outfits at outstanding prices, located in an exclusively quiet gardenplace. Austrias exclusive distributor for the Charles Austen Paris brand name. Carinthia has developed a remarkable fashion scene. Evening attire is part of the streets cape and it´s mostly gentlemen of all ages who are cultivated and vain. Every-man is concerned with the way he looks, and dresses with either a sporty touch, elegantly or arch-conservatively. Businessmen prefer the Belcour taylors shop in the friendly Valley of Roses for their outfit. Belcour are experts at evening garments, as well as custom-made clothing from an exclusive fabrics collection. The Charles Austen Paris couture brandname guarantees the visitor reliable taste, unadulterated Central European cut clothing at reasonable prices. As you would expect on the landscape, the shop is very small and has a personal atmosphere. Make your visit to Belcour and discover a refuge of mens classic fashions.