from SkyWolf
MORALE TABLECardasianFederationFerengiKlingonRomulan
Eliminate an Empire5050505050
Win a Major Battle45446
Win a Significant Battle23224
Win a Minor Battle11112
Lose a Major Battle-10-10-7-7-13
Lose a Significant Battle-7-7-5-5-9
Lose a Minor Battle-3-3-2-2-4
Sign a Membership treaty110332
Subjagate a System4-10224
Colonize a System23443
Liberate a Minor Race System-520332
Liberate a Former Native System594410
Lose Home System to Outside Forces-20-20-20-20-20
Lose a Member System to Outside Forces-10-10-10-10-10
Lose a Subjagated System to Outside Forces -10-5-10-10-10
Lose a System to Rebellion-5-20-10-10-20
Bombard a System2-5-112
Declare War on an Empire3-10155
Other Empire Declares War on You35125
Refuse a Peace Treaty-5-5-512
Break a Peace Treaty1-20-5-10-1
Sign a Peace Treaty152-31
Sign an Alliance Treaty3201035

Extract the morale.bin file from the stbof.resfile using a zip utility.
Open the extracted morale file with a hex editor.The file will look like the following.

If you set your hex editor to show 20 charactersper line and grouped in 2 bytes (short)
it will look like the following. The file willbe much easier to work with.
CardasianFederation Ferengi Klingon Romulan 

The file is set up just like thechart at the top of this page.
Each 20 characters is one line,in the same order, from that chart.
The file is read as signed shortso to figure the decimal value just remember that
signed short hex of 0000 is equalto 0 decimal, while hex of FFFF is equal to -1.
Then just count inwards from there.
A value of 10 would be 0A00 anda value of -10 would be F6FF.

You can see that the code (in whiteabove) that follows each positive value is 0000 and FFFF
for the negative values. That'sbecause the file is set up as signed long (4 bytes) but is only read assignes short.
The code in these locations hasno effect on the game but you should put
in the correct code just to makesure there are no crashes or surprises.