Changed phasercolor, not a siple rename.
Klingons have a little darker green than theromulans.
I didnt like the dark-green from the romulans(lastversion).
The ferengi now have a color like in the startrek universe.
I`ve given the feds a better orange-phaser
Cardis have the same color
All others have now white phaser
I think phaser color is now comlete!
Changed photon color, simply renamed. Couldntchange the color in the hob file.
Torpedos are the same.
Changed defiant texture.
Some tiny changes you wouldnt see it. (Yesthe gif looks good but the color changes will be ignored)

Some people don`t like the Federation-phaser,so i let you the choice.
There are two versions out. The pic down hereshows you the different.
The Mirandaship fires with the phaser that isincludet in
If you like the other one (ferengie fire withit) more, download and replace the original.
How to do?So first you have to open two different phaser files(both down here are from the
Compare both. The first different value showyou a little color different. What i mean!
The different between the ferengi and the federationphaser is a result of this value.
You`ll found more than only this one, see line3D0.
If you give a higher number the color get darker,or change the color a little bit.

The next value that is different, shows you aspecific color.
The 8401 in the Klingonfile set a green color.
The 7E01 in the Fedfile set a yellow color.
The 01 value is important too if you change ityou get an other color, but don`t get to optimistic.
Not every value mean a new color, the most colorsare black. So you would`nt see any phaserfire.

The end-value.
I`ve stopt here, so i don`t know what is afterthat.

I could`nt change the photon color, "realy".
I`ve renamed the files thats all.