Type of Race
01 = Feds
Ship IDupgarde on or off
Techlevel requiered to build the ship

Autoupgarde OFF
If you turn autoupgarde off you have a problembecouse the AI builds only type 1 [destroyer 1] ships and no type 2 [destroyer2] if possible.
You need to use a trick.
First modify the shiptech.sst.




Use simply cut and paste, but dont forget tocorrect the Ship-ID.
The AI builds now type 2 ships when possible.

We have 3 gif files, name_a.gif (512x512) name_b.gif (256x256) name_c.gif(128x128)
This files are the shiptexture.
The name of this files are listed in texure.lst.

xx1_a.gif have the value-number 4000
xx1_b.gif have the value-number 4100
xx1_c.gif have the value-number 4200
You need this numbers for the name_a.hob file.
Only in the name_a.hob file you need to enterthe value-number.
As you see down here.

The bigest texture [...a.gif 512x512] is fornearest view the others are used for far away view [to save CPU time, ithink]
Look up to the hob-file-pic, first [40 00] isthe ...a.gif, the 2nd [41 00] the ..b.gif and the 3rd [42 00] for ...c.gif
You can replace 41 00 and 42 00 with 40 00 nowthe programm use at any time the big [512x512] texture, and you have 2other texture you can work with.
I like this more, becouse the ship looks sharper.

Troubles with "new" ships
There are a way to use existing 3D meshes fromthe game and use another texture.
To get a "new" ship. Take the romulan colonyshipuse a new texture and you have an akira or somthing else.
The problem are the phasers. If you rename (name_a.hob)a ship, it wouldnt fire the phasers.
The only way ..
It workes with the oberth class ship. Becouse
Extract hu_a.hob hu_b.hob hu_c.hob
rename it into hu__a.hob hu__b.hob hu__c.hob
hold a copy of hu_a.hob and open it

change the 50 51 52 into 50 50 50
that means the ship use at any time the hu_a.gif as texture.
than open hu__a.hob

change 50 51 52 into 51 51 51
that means the ship use at any time the hu_b.gif as texture.
no extract hu_b.gif
open it with paintshop or somthing else

and make some changes like this, or copy this one.
open now shiplist.sst

make this changes
Dedalus change only the name of the ship
the hu_ let the programm know what hob file you want to use.
no you need some tga files
use this 
Add all into stbof.res and start the game.
You can see your ship in the object database
Build your ship and send it out to see it in action.
The phasers work nice :).

The problem is you can only use _ to make a "new" ship.
and you cant use hh1_a.hob.
The problem is the lenght of the name only 8 letters are allowed.
If you rename it into hh1__a.hob you get a i_hh1_170.tga and this are9 letters.
But i_hh1_60.tga (8 letters) would be displayd. Look at Tech-field-database.

Shure your ship work with another name like hx1_a.hob but the phasers didnt work. And thats the problem