from SkyWolf
Tech NameNumberGraphicTech Field
Thename of the tech. This can only be 20 charcters longincluding the NULL (h00) marking the end of the characterstring.Eachtech record is numbered in sequential order.Thename of the graphic file to display.
01 Computers
02 Construction
03 Energy
04 Weapons
05 Propulsion
06 Sociology
Tech LevelCostDescription
Whattech level it is.Theresearch points need to gain this level of tech. Do notexcede 2,147,483,647 or it will show as a negative valuein the tech field database.
Theposition to start reading from in the techdesc.tec file.

StartingPositionEnd of String
The starting positon of thedescription as set in the techtree.tec file. NULL charcter indicating theend of the string. The next charcter is the start of thenext string.